Fixed background code

Colored scrollbar code

No Right Click

Make Site Homepage

Break Out Of Frames

Add To Favorites

Menu Box

Step 1: Start by copying this code and paste
it on the page you want the menu to be.

Background Music
This code lets you play music on your site,
without showing the musicplayer.
Step 1: Start by copying the code under
and paste it on the page you
want to have the background music.

Step 2: Where it says MUSIC URL
you have to paste the
song URL you want it to play.
Step 3: Autostart: if true,
it starts on it's own, if false,
it woun't start unless someone clicks 'play',
but you can't see the music player,
so the autostart has to be on true.
Hidden: this part is the one
that makes the music play in the background,
if it would say false it wouldn't be
background music,
you would see the music player.
Loop: How many times you
want the song to be played.
step 1:
First go to this website:
Upload a pixel or another
little picture you want to use as a favicon.
Step 2: When it is finished uploading,
click download. Save it to a place you remember.
Then upload the favicon file.
There is not many places to upload it,
but you can use freewebs or myfilestash.com
Step 3:
If you uploaded it on freewebs
(which I recommand) right click
on the link you get and
select properties. Copy the URL
adress and paste it in the code
under where it says favicon.ico.

This is a pretty cool little
navigation code. Make sure you change
the XXXXX to your site url. This is what it looks like.

Back // Home // Forward

To make an image a thumbnail:

common codes:
using commong codes.

stop unwanted stuff:
just add this right before annoying stuff
that you can't get rid of on your html.

add stuff between the li-
>means list. you can change
the type="a" to "i" or "A" or "1" or "I".

for favicons

for controlled marquees

this hides the text on your
page even if it's all there

the structure of a simple layout

the title that shows up at the top
the window, tab below the address bar.

Avaters Text:
text aligns with icon withouth lossing
all the good space above

Add Music: add a youtube URL

basically a customized code
for your mouse

modified textareas,
change what you like.


online counters

Body Background:
changes colors and url

horizontal bars

MP3:add background sound

add background songs

does what is says

Page Transistons:
add to the very top page

Song URL:
add any url of any song,
and it will play it.

Active Drop-Down Menus with Links:
click "GO" to activate the links.

Easy Drop Down Nav:

a simple message window,
opens when page opens

Simple pop-up:
a window will open with
the page the code is on.

Meta Keywords to get on Google:
this code goes before the css,
anywhere really,
add in words & you'll see your site on
google, yahoo, msn, & more!

Secret script:
Just remove the dashes,
& everything you have
after noscript is not seen

Top Link:
use this to get back to the top

No More Scrollbars:
complete deletes the scrollbars!
very successful

AUTO-Sized Window:
opens the window in the size
you want it, just adjust it

No Highlights On Site:
Stops stealing by never highlighting
anything on the site, very powerful

Minimized Links:
best & easy drop down l
ittle cute drop down menu in the world!

Easy way to link with a Button

StyleSheet Linking:
with this you can link
different style sheets depending on the browser!

PHP IP:Your own php Ip
script no host needed, shows all/any IP

PHP Page Linking:
add the page you want to show, its linking

PHP 2-layer frame Set:
used for previewing layouts

Hover Border:
style used for bordering images

all songs work from
a radio network: latest songs.

Time Clock: time on sites

Music Embed:

like a modified textarea

one line calander

just add URL's
in places, pictures would be great.

Disaproved Right-Click:
use wisely

link function disabled:
the bottom left hand corner
will show only what you type in it.

opacity JavaScript:
changes pictures values

Moss Transparency:
makes pictures
blick over mouse, but low on visiibility

Mouse Follower:
that follows your mouse. no animations.

Cursor format:
great for own cursor images

Click & Copy:
this copies stuff with a one click button


Redirector:With status bar & timer

Drop Down Menu:
great when you have little space

Popup page Frames:
really really helpful when you have
lil space with lots of places to go!

image rollovers:you need 2 images

hover Link images:
just add links and images. it's like magic

ReDirected Code: add in before body tags

Anti-Select:New way
to block unwanted stealers

Controled PopUps:a better way to have
new windows pop up on your site.

Silly Site Alerts:for when
someone opens any new page

Complete banning script:
Bans everyone, even YOU!

Quick important Popups:
a window, midi, music, video,
anything that will open up
with the page you put this code on.

Stylish Pop-ups:try it,
great where you control everything!

Framed Window:a great code a lot of sites use,
theres a link, you click it, & i
t opens a framed window, just link & use!

Invisible Scollbar:this code hides the color
on the scrollbar
you put in the color section.
but its powerful enough to work on the frame,
div, and table. use carefully.

IP Tracks:keep track of who
was on your page/site/url with IPs.

BLOW MY BRAINS OUT:this is a pop-up
chain that you can bother viewers with!

Falling Objects:an easy code with simple
coding to show falling objects/symbols.

A TALKING CLOCK:shows different messages
depending on the hour of the day.

Drop Down Menus